Dale Howarth - Business Mentor and Accredited CPD Speaker

Dale Howarth is award winning - a business mentor, acclaimed speaker and writer.
But there is so much more to Dale than simply this.

A short story - my early years

I started work at the age of seven, sweeping the floors and collecting the rubbish from the Saturday afternoon matinee at the Grand Cinema in Great Harwood, Lancashire. One of 5 Cinemas that my family owned. By the age of nine I was in charge of the Cinema Shop, at weekends - selling drinks, popcorn, sweets, crisps and ice creams. At 11 we moved to the Isle of Wight and for several summer seasons I was in charge of the Astroglide on Shanklin Pier. Responsible for opening up, selling tickets, customer service, routine maintenance, cashing up and more.

Why tell you this?

Well. As you now know, my family were in business – successful businesses across a number of industries. Because of this I learned about business from a very early age - acquired a lot of valuable lessons and business skills. I didn’t simply have a part-time job in a business, I lived and was fully immersed in businesses all the time, through my family and my work - this taught me a lot.

Importantly, it taught me many of the lessons that everyone in business needs to learn (often the hard way), the lengths you have to go to and the hurdles you need to overcome to make a business succeed. The importance of ‘The Customer’. How 5-minutes planning saves hours in execution. The highs and lows of owning and running a business and more. My early years are one reason why I can understand and connect more easily with the clients and businesses I work with and the audiences I present to - because I have been there to.

What now?

For the past 30 years I have been fortunate to work with many amazing businesses and individuals, playing my part in supporting and driving their success. From new start businesses, entrepreneurial spirits and SME’s to well-known corporate clients, across a broad range of industries and sectors. During this time I have and continue to serve as an officer and board member to several companies. You can see more about 'My Experience' elsewhere on this website. 

As you would expect, I am passionate about what I do. When I am not with a client, working with the media or at a networking event I can usually be found addressing an audience at a business conference or University or writing a business article for publication in a magazine or journal.


" Exceeded my expectations. "
Graham Sadler - Alfrashade Ltd

" Really helpful and motivating " 
Caroline Hinton - DSH Public Relations

" A savvy marketer. "
Natalie Turner - Centaur Exhibitions

" Very thought provoking. "
James Croft - Pencil Sharp Ltd

" Dales expertise in invaluable. "
Jeanne des Baux - Hospitality In Provence

" The most informative meeting I have ever attended. "
Rob Clarke - Rob Clarke Photography

" Excellent ideas and tips - thank you! "
Mary Holden - GDB Enterprises

" Practical as well as motivational. "
George Eley - GCE Media

“ Dale Howarth is first-class. His practical, fact not fiction approach is a breath of fresh air and makes every minute with him count. If you follow his advice, success is inevitable.”
— Laurie Hughes , Chairman of GDO