Dale Howarth - Business Mentor and Accredited CPD Speaker

As your business mentor I work closely with you, thinking expansively, connecting you with the right strategies and people, spotting opportunities for you to be more successful.

I work with you to unlock your potential - something you always knew existed but was never quite sure how to achieve.

What I can do for you is distinctive, special and I have my own unique way of doing it. For over 20 years I have mentored leaders and teams from new start businesses to some of today’s most successful SME’s. Working with individuals that want to be known as leaders and to move businesses from being an ‘also-ran’ to respected in their field and award winning at all levels. My unique approach and personal network have been key to driving this success.

Together we look at the bigger picture; focussing on the real purpose of your business and your aspirations for the future – helping you to target your energy and resources on what will guide and drive your personal success. Enabling you to:

  • Achieve more and earn more with less struggle.
  • Make the most of opportunities.
  • Avoid doing things the hard way.

As your mentor I will always give you open, constructive feedback and advice. I will be someone with whom you can let down your guard, share your insecurities, and ask the ‘stupid’ questions we all have sometimes. I will work to fill your knowledge gaps and seek opportunities to help you grow and excel in business - using my experience and powerful network of contacts to open doors and drive success for you and your business.

As a business mentor I am more than a coach and have a proven track-record and measurable success across a broad range of industries. Whereas a coach will simply focus on short-term tasked-based issues often around process and individual performance, my role as a mentor is flexible, built on our team-work, mutual integrity and trust - establishing a long term relationship with you that revolves around your success.

By adding a little you gain a lot

I am an enhancer, a force multiplier for you and your business. That means by adding just a little of my time to your business, you gain a lot. In consulting parlance, this is referred to as a ‘non-leveraged model’.

This is important, as together we make more of what you have - not what you haven’t. A unique and refreshing approach that reduces cost and works to deliver results much earlier for you.

Dale Howarth - Achieving Growth
“Dale gave me the focus and a sense of direction that had been lost from the business. With his help and support we developed and implemented a plan that allowed us to move towards achieving the success that had eluded us but we always knew was there in the business.”
— Michelle Rankin - Founder and Senior Partner of Rankin & Co.